Dog Training

Would you like the following ?

A reliable recall
A great stay
Loose Lead Walking
Better Listening Skills
A More Focused Dog

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or would just like to have a dog that displays good manners in all areas, we show you the simple steps to achieve your own unique goals.

How can we help you ?


Behaviour Modification

Do you have a dog with the following issues ?

Anxiety Issues
Separation Issues
Resource Guarding

We have great success with the most complex issues many dogs face. Dogs that have behavioural issues need help to live a far more peaceful and enjoyable life. Living with these dogs can be incredibly stressful for everyone in the family, so let us show you exactly how we can help your dog achieve some much needed calm in their life...and yours.

Online Options

We offer a range of online options to help guide people with the behavioural difficulties their dog may be facing.

We offer a deeper understanding into why these issues occur and show you solutions.

Perhaps you are at a standstill with your dogs reactivity or other complex issues and need a fresh perspective and advice?
Does your dog have anxiety issues and you need advice on how to best manage this ?

We will guide you through a plan which is tailormade for your individual dogs issues.

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Puppy School

Congratulations on your new puppy.
We offer help for all new puppies either in your own home or join us for a fun, educational and calm puppy school at our venue. These classes are kept small to ensure everyone gets individual help with all the issues you and your puppy may be facing. Puppy school is essential to learn the following skills.
Recall and much more.
Lots of Q & A time to offer solutions for toileting, nipping and sleeping issues.

We always limit numbers to ensure everyone gets the most from our popular puppy school.
Find out how you can book for our next class.

ABC Dogs Behaviour and Training

Dog training, Puppy School, Reactivity Classes, In Home Dog Trainers and Behaviour Modification Specialists. Dunedin and Mosgiel.

All Behaviour is Communication - so what is your dog telling you ? 

YES... You CAN have a calm and confident dog.

Whatever your goal...... maybe it is training your dog to come to you when called, perhaps you have a new puppy requiring a solid base of cues/commands while learning the necessary life skills they need..... or do you have a dog with problematic behaviours which are now affecting the whole family ? The good news is you have come to Dunedin's highest rated dog trainers, something we are immensely proud of. The next step is....  

How shall we get you to your goal ?

In home consultations are always a far better way to achieve training goals and changing those less than desired behaviours. Everyone is far more comfortable in their own environment, including your dog. This is especially important for newly adopted/rescued dogs or for dogs that struggle with reactivity or anxiety issues and for dogs showing signs of fear aggression.

Maybe one of our classes would suit your needs ?  Whichever you choose, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with outstanding, professional dog training and behavioural help. 

Our services have been used by both individuals, rescues and Dunedin dog businesses for over a decade to provide unique solutions for the most complex behaviours and we always respect your dogs own unique personality.  We achieve all this with positive reinforcement, which is a proven and preferred method by the NZVA. 

ABC Dogs have worked with and changed the lives of over 3800 dogs in the past we know ALL of the issues you face, and most importantly.....we know the solutions.  

Our methods work.                                                                                                                                     

So.....How can we help you ?