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Having just completed our puppy classes I was so impressed with the outcomes all of the pups attending had in such a short time frame. Classes are small and well planned to ensure success for all!

Hayley Tinkler

Jonelle is a very experienced trainer with a lot of knowledge on all things dog behaviour. She was super easy to get in contact with and quick to book our first session in. We saw her for 3 sessions in which we learnt a lot about not only our dog but ourselves. We learnt a lot about reactivity and why this behaviour is caused and how to go about fixing it. We learnt that it is possible to change your dogs behaviour and without that help things will get worse is what we were seeing before contacting Jonelle. I would highly recommend Jonelle to anyone who is thinking about it, it’s high value for money and we are so happy we were able to see the biggest improvement in our dog’s behaviour over the last few weeks than we have over the last 2 years. Thanks Jonelle for your help we are so so so happy with the outcome.

Alexandra Pendchenko

Excellent results!

Highly recommend Jonelle. We worked together for just over a month and a half. Jonelle is very professional, knowledgeable, and kind trainer. Jonelle has helped us achieve a much more calm, well-behaved, and happy dog. We also had trouble with leash pulling, and reactivity to people and dogs. We still have work to do, especially with pulling, but our boy is already doing great in terms reactivity. We are now able to walk very close to people and dogs without him being overwhelmed or overly excited. It took us about 4 weeks to get to this point and it gets better and better every time.

I highly recommend to anyone getting a new puppy to get in touch with Jonelle and do a couple of private training sessions to set yourselves and your dog up for success. We had had training sessions with 2 other trainers since our dog was 4 months old (he’s 13 months old now), plus the puppy school, but unfortunately we were advised on training on things that were not helpful over the long term or to use techniques/tools that only frustrated our dog. Save yourself the trouble of having to fix a lot of habits and issues like we had to do, and get Jonelle to show you how to train your dog correctly from the start.


Jonelle has been so amazing in helping us with reactivity and lead training for our energetic 1y/o springer. It can be so easy to make excuses and to feel overwhelmed in situations where your dog is not behaving or is stressed but Jonelle helped us to guide through this behaviour and approach situations differently. We've learnt so much about our dog along the way and really feel that Jonelle was passionate, dedicated, kind, and non-judgemental (which is a big one when you discover you've been doing things that aren't so great for your dog). We love Jonelle and were so sad when we realised our training programme was complete. We have a better dog for it and cannot thank or recommend her enough!

Tess McLauchlan

I highly recommend ABC Dogs for at-home training and group classes. The advice has been invaluable and laid down the foundations for good behaviour and calm, happy dogs. We plan to attend more classes!

Orla Sievwright

My dog was bitten by another dog earlier this year. She became very lead reactive afterwards. Walks became stressful for both of us. We signed up for the reactivity course. What a difference it has made. Jonelle’s approach to training is very gentle and the the positive results are very quick! She even managed to stop my dog from pulling, all within the month! I would highly recommend using ABC Dogs for dog training.

Katie Baumler

ABC dogs is amazing, I would give more stars if I could! We have a much calmer German Shepherd puppy and less stressful home after only 4 sessions with Jonelle. She has been so patient and kind as well as extremely knowledgable and full of helpful strategies. I have attended many obedience schools with different dogs, but this tailored in-home approach has been by far the most successful experience. Jonelle has helped us, and Rocky, with so many common challenges - over excited behaviour, reactivity, pulling on the lead, digging. Everything is significantly better now and some of our issues resolved within days of the session. She really knows dogs and Rocky loved her visits as much as we did. Our only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner and we wish she could just keep coming to visit forever! Highly recommend.

Kelly Hocking

Fantastic puppy school - can't recomend highly enough. We got so much practical advice and got to put it into practice each week. Our pup made great progress and we feel well and truly off to a good start.

Lisa and Stephen Bryant

After initially enrolling in the dog reactivity class, Jonelle quickly worked out that my dog didn’t necessarily need that. She was willing to assist me with my pack, and once meeting them gave me some very helpful tips and tricks to help to calm their energy down. It’s only been a short time, but I have already seen results from her teachings. Thanks Jonelle.

Danielle Stone

My Labrador used to pull far too much making walking on the lead nearly impossible. After great advice, clear instruction, tips and understanding, all in just a handful of lessons, we are enjoying, relaxing daily walks! We are both so much happier… literally a life changer. Thank you!

Amber Millar

Jonelle is friendly, patient and professional. Definitely recommend her service!!!