Dog Training
Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification Training with ABC Dogs

Behaviour modification is a trusted way to address the most complex of dog behaviours, these may include.....

  • Reactivity.  This may include other dogs, people, cars, bikes or lead/leash reactivity.
  • Anxiousness. Including general anxiety and situational anxiety
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation anxiousness
  • Aggression


These issues often get worse without intervention. 

You may have had a previous trainer in to help and are wary of trying again, however not ALL trainers are equal and ABC Dogs have great success with the most challenging behaviours. 

We have great reviews from clients that have had the most complex behavioural difficulties.  We address these issues using proven behavioural modification techniques and positive reinforcement.  We show you the simple steps to create real and lasting change for your dog.   

If you have a dog with these complex issues, we understand the difficulties you face. These difficult behaviours  can affect everyone in the family and can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved, including your dog.  

You can make a real and lasting difference with these challenging behaviours.

This service requires a 1.5 hour visit where a thorough assessment is conducted, from there sessions are usually hourly and you will be advised how many sessions are likely. 

Behaviour modification needs a minimum of 2 sessions after the initial consultation. 


The rate for this service is $ 90 per hour in central Mosgiel and Dunedin.

We do travel elsewhere on request.